The History of Viking Sevenseas NZ Ltd

The Viking Record Company Ltd  was started by Murdoch Riley and two partners, in July 1957.

The company was first situated in an upstairs office opposite the entrance to the Cable Car in Lambton Quay.  When the company moved to the top floor of 13 Jessie Street it included a record manufacturing arm of the business. Manufacturing was abandoned at the next move to Harris Street Wellington. At this time Murdoch was very involved in the development of markets throughout  the Pacific, and was very involved in recording Māori music. He also recorded pacific music including Tahitian, Tongan,Samoan and Fijian music. 

The growth of the business forced a further move to bigger premises in Tory Street in the early 1960’s, and included the formation of a book and sheet music company called Sevenseas Publishing Pty. Ltd.

This company also started to publish New Zealand books, most of which are still sold today and are listed below. 

Soon after this murdoch bought the partners out of the company and Viking Record Company Ltd and Sevenseas Publishing Pty Ltd were amalgamated into Viking Sevenseas NZ Ltd, and the business moved to its current location in Paraparaumu.

Murdoch also added author to his title and wrote a number of books dealing with New Zealand flora and fauna, as well as Māori legends and lore  His book  Maori Healing and Herbal first published in 1994, was awarded second prize in the 1995 Montana Book Awards. this book is now and now in its 6th print.

His Wise Words of the Māori was the culmination of a lifetime of research and commitment.

Murdoch died in July 2022 at 95 while still active in the business. in his name the business is carried on by family and loyal staff members.

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