Where to find us!!!

We have been working hard lately on getting us out there on the internet which we are finding is a work in progress and something you have to work constantly!

  • We have been working on making our  Viking Sevenseas website user friendly and have learned so much about the world of cyber space and computer lingo!We have an awesome website set up through Shopify which show cases all of our products.
  • We have also launched ourselves into the world of Facebook as well. It is a great way of seeing what others are up to and to spread the word about ourselves.
  • Pinterest has also been a fun thing to play around with and a good way to give the audience a visual  look at what our products look like and also at the same time link other products and images that are similar to ours.
  • The art of 'Tweeting' has been a learning curve!!!! The whole world of hashtags and and re-tweeting is quite scary in the beginning but the more often you do it the easier it becomes. You also get to know the how to talk the talk and it opens up a wealth of information.

Take time to check out our sites and keep in touch with what we are up to and please free welcome to send us a message via these sites and let us know what you think or if you have a question about our products,

Have a lovely day,

Carmen and Murdoch


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