Lets Celebrate Māori Language Week!

From the 27th till the 2nd of August is Māori Language Week. Ever since 1975 we have dedicated a week to the Māori language. A time to celebrate te reo Māori and encourage us all to to use correctly and respect the native language of New Zealand. ‘Arohatia te Reo – cherish the language’. 

As a celebration of this week we will be doing a bonus giveaway whenever you purchase our 'Wise words of the Māori' we will give you the booklet 'Te Reo Dictionary' by Murdoch Riley.

'Wise Words of the Māori' is a beautiful book. It contains over 400 proverbs,aphorisms and other expressions. Te Reo  is a small pocket sized booklet that is a handy Māori-English/ English- Māori Dictionary.

Also check out Finnian Galbraith's school speech about the importance of correctly pronouncing Māori words.


Enjoy Māori language week and take the time to learn some new Māori words and be mindful about the way you say them as well,

Take care

Carmen and Murdoch

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