Happy 2016!

Hi Everyone,

Just wanted to say Hello and wish you all a Happy New Year.

We have in stock at the moment all of the Simon Shuker Code Crackers from the latest, Code 12 right through to Code 1. These are very popular indeed and are in all the major newspapers throughout New Zealand. We also stock most of the Paper Plus Stores and  Whitcoulls through out the country.

We also have Nature Recordings and Music from New Zealand that you can check out.


We have books on New Zealand and Māori Culture, History and Music. Some of our best sellers are the Māori Healing and Herbal, Wise Words of the Māori and Māori Bird Lore that have beautiful photographs and drawings.


We also stock the New Zealand Bird clock in light and dark frames that sing native bird calls on the hour!

Looking forward to hearing from you,


Carmen and Murdoch

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