Birds Galore!!

We have such a wide range on New Zealand birds to choose from.

Our beautifully illustrated 'Māori Bird Lore'.This is a ABC of New Zealand Birds. Starting with the Albatross, Bellbird, Cuckoo, Dotterell,Duck Falcon,Fantail,Fernbird,Godwit,Gu­ll,Harrier,Heron,Huia,Kaka, Kakapo,Kea,Kereru,Kingfisher,Kiwi­,Kokak, Morepork,Owl, Parakeet,Pipit, Pukeko,Quail,Rail,Rifleman, Robin,Saddleback,Shag,Silvereye, Stitchbird,Takahe,Tomtit,Tui,Warb­ler, Weka and a Whitehead.Myths and traditions, some coming from legendary Hawaiki. Outlines the spiritual significance to the Maori of various birds; their economic value for their flesh, feathers, oil, bones and skins, and the rituals deemed necessary to capture them. The ability of certain birds to predict future happenings is yet another fascinating subject covered.

We also have our Pocket Guide section which has some lovely booklets on New Zealand Birds.

Know Your New Zealand Birds and Kiwi and Moa

Our Nature Recordings are very popular, Melody of the Birds

Bird calls of the New Zealand forest are heard on this CD to the lush background of a string orchestra. 


Forest and Ocean CD

Bird and other songs composed and sung in Māori by Hirini Melbourne.  Among the forest birds celebrated in song are the tūī, riroriro (grey warbler) and ruru (morepork).  Sea birds include tākapu (gannet) and tītī (shearwater).

Birds of NZ CD


38 land and sea bird calls. New Zealand birds produce an amazing variety of songs and calls extending from the deep resonant booms of the kākāpō to the high pitched, nearly inaudible, calls of the rifleman at the upper of human hearing.

Pukaha: Bird Songs From the Forest CD

A CD of bird song native to Pukaha, or Mt. Bruce forest in the Wairarapa.  Its theme takes the listener from one dawn to another - The Wakening, Playtime, Waiata Manu Huia (a waiata, or prayer about the extinct huia bird), sung by "The Rangitäne o Wairarapa iwi", and "The Night Shift".  Informative 48 page booklet with numerous colour photographs. 

Manu Māori CD + Book

Bird legends and customs of the Māori.  The book describes the status of birds in the Māori world, their connection with the gods, how birds were caught in traditional times, snaring and preserving birds for winter consumption etc

NZ Native Birds Colouring Book

His flowing organic patterns create an array of 23 most common New Zealand Native birds that have detailed, doubled page drawings and descriptions for each bird.

New Zealand Bird Song Clock

The calls of twelve different New Zealand native birds is heard, one each hour, on the hour.  The auto playback is off during the night.It comes in light wood and dark wood.

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