Exciting New Books for 2018

2018 continues to be exciting at Viking Sevenseas with two new books coming out mid-year. Murdoch has been working hard on an additional source book to his "Māori Healing and Herbal". It is call "Māori Healing Remedies- Rongōa Māori".

By quoting the words of many skilled practitioners of the art of herbal medicine, and by describing some of the spiritual practices and karakia associated, the book becomes a useful compendium of proven therapies, whether for arthritis, headaches, insect bites, rheumatism, skin complaints, sore throats, sprains, wounds etc. Headings for over 30 ailments. The book has beautiful photography by Phil Bendle that identifies many of the indigenous plants used by the Māori. 

80 pages.

ISBN 978-0-85467-142-7

Retail price $29.95

We have also had one of our booklets translated into Mandarin by Aymie Lim- David to cater for our Chinese tourist quests. "Māori Legends - Chinese Edition (Mandarin)" is a booklet of Māori myths and legends retold by Alistair Campbell. Stories such as 'How Maui Obtained the Magic Jawbone', 'Maui Nooses the Sun' and 'The Greta Fish of Maui'

ISBN 978-0-85467-143-4

Retail price $19.95

The popular Simon Shuer Code Cracker Series is a favourite seller of ours and people seem to never tire of doing puzzles. We are always full stocked of Volumes One to Volume Fourteen and Take 5. No doubt Volume 15 will be out late in the year!


Take Care,

Carmen and Murdoch


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