January 2019... Let's go!

Hi Everyone and Happy New Year!

It is Summer time here in New Zealand, the flax is flowering and the sun is shining but we seem to have had a lot of rain over this Summer!

Our new book released at the end of last year 'Māori Healing Remedies- Rongoā Māori' has been selling so well. There is a real interest in Māori medicine and the use of our native New Zealand plants as remedies for ailments. This book is an off shoot to Murdoch's beautiful 'Māori Healing and Herbal' that has been out best seller since it was first published in 1994.

At the end of 2018 the latest Simon Shuker Code-Cracker was released. We are now up to Volume 15 of the series! It is NZ most popular puzzle book and is flying out the door!

An addition to our Pocket book series was the Māori Legend pocket booklet translated into Mandarin. We have this little booklet in English, French, Japanese and German. Mandarin is an everyday dialect of Chinese. Research shows 71% of Chinese visitors attend Māori cultural experiences and 59% seek broadening of the mind. 50% are free independent travellers and the other 50% travel by bus when visiting New Zealand. This booklet has myths and legends of the Māori people.

Featuring popular stories of Māui, who created the islands of New Zealand, altered the length of the day and obtained the secret of fire. Beautiful illustrations by Robin White run along with each myth.

We will be releasing a book soon that has been written by Tor Riley.

'The Art, Not the Science- Reflections on Paramedic Practice'

This is a book for those that are already in the profession or thinking about being a paramedic in New Zealand. A book full of tools and guidelines about the art of paramedic practices. Tor has more than 30 year’s experience in the field. Some things covered in the book are dealing with death, Mentoring, shift work and disaster preparation.

Looking forard to hearing from you,

Take Care

Carmen and Murdoch


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