Kōkako New Zealands Bird of The Year Giveaway

The Kōkako was voted 2016 New Zealand Bird of The Year in the Forest and Birds- Bird of The Year , and and we thought that we would do a little giveaway in honour of this.


When you purchase 'Māori Bird Lore: An Introduction' we will give you the 'Know Your NZ Birds Pocket Book' as a gift.

The beautifully illustrated 'Māori Bird Lore: An Introduction' by Murdoch Riley is a hard cover book that measures 250mm X 315mm and has 216 pages. The wonderful illustrations in this book are by John Keulemans.

The book covers the history of birds in New Zealand and how they are connected to the land and the Māori culture. The importance of their names and the influence they have physically and spiritually in New Zealand. The books takes you through alphabetically about Native Birds of New Zealand. Starting with the Albatross to the Whitehead.

The Kōkako (page 140)

The Kōkako is also known as the North and South Island Crow. It has a bluish-grey plumage and are distinguished by the blue wattles at the throat on the North Island crow and a orange wattle on the South Island crow. The South Island Kōkako was declared extinct... until recently, when it was declared “data deficient”. It maybe survives in forest, but the North Island Kōkako now have more than 3000 birds because of the hard work of getting rid of predators.  

Know Your NZ Birds Pocket Booklet


This little Pocket Book is a great traveling or bird watching book that measures 110mm X 165mm and have 64 pages and can fit in your pocket, to give you information on New Zealand birds.

Also ... Kōkako also features in the NZ Native Birds Colouring Book that we sell. Joe McMenamin’s distinctive style using detailed clean line patterns and silhouettes are used to enhance the beauty of our New Zealand Native Birds in his beautiful colouring book.


Have a good look around our website and see what else you can find!

Take Care

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