Matariki and her six daughters...

One of the most popular legends about the Matariki star cluster is that Matariki is the whaea (Mother). She is surrounded by her six daughters. Tupu-ā-nuku, Tupu-ā-rangi, Waipunarangi, Waitī and Waitā, and Ururangi.

Matariki and her daughters travel across the sky every year to visit tupuna wahine-great grandmotherPapatūānuku- Mother Earth.

Who are the daughters?

Tupu-ā-nuku is the eldest daughter and spends her time with Papatūānuku tending the plants.

Tupu-ā-rangi with her grandmother, loves to sing to the forest and all creatures to revive everything, filling the world with happiness.

Waipunarangi travels with her Grandmother to the waters. She highlights the importance of the streams, rivers and the sea. She shares with us that if you give out kindness and love it will come back to you.

Waitī and Waitā are Matariki's twins. They help the smallest and fastest creatures on our earth and know that they need to work as a team like they do as twins. When insects work together they achieve wonderful things. Like bees that pollinate the flowers helping all plants to grow and produce food for us and help us to breath the air. They teach us that we should all support each other.

Ururangi reminds us that a good attitude sets us up in life. She races to her Grandmothers lap first to snuggle in and listen to all of her stories. She makes people feel loved. She has a wonderful excitement and perseverance about her and it is infectious and makes everyone feel better about the world.

Matariki watches over her children lovingly and makes sure they do the best they possibly can. She represents what all mothers want for their children.

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