What we have in the way of Māori Music...

We have a good range of Māori music. Our most popular would be the 25 Solid Gold Māori Songs.

Included on this CD are songs: Haere Mai, Pōkarekare  Manurere, Karu Karu, Poi Wāka, Hoki Mai and E Pari Ra, Po Atarau

St Joseph's Māori Girls College Choir, Ratana Senior Concert Choir, Turakina Māori Girls College Choir, Daphne Walker and George Tumahai.

Traditional and Contemporary māori music with a booklet explaining māori action songs, poi dancing.

Waita Māori Songs: Aroha of Love. The Very Best of St Joseph's Māori Girls College Choir. This choir hold the distinction of selling more records across the world than any other  Māori group.

'New Zealand Sings' is a who's who of māori songs and dance

With the talented Wiki Baker, St Joseph's Māori Girls College Choir, Turakina College Girls Choir, New Zealand Māori Chorale and the Brian Hands Concert Orchestra.

'Māori Love Songs'

Wiki Baker, St Joseph's Girls College Choir and the New Zealand Māori Chorale sing beautiful love songs!

Watch on You tube here: https://youtu.be/8qFAbKA-aGA?list=PLpBug1Yeny4J6QsKz9llhehkdNIShLXI9



'Kia Ora' - Health and Prosperity- The Māori Sound Experience byTurakina Maori Girls' Choir

Beautiful voices of the of this choir is encaptulated in 34 songs!

Turakina Girls College was a Presbytarian Girls boarding school for young Māori women founded in 1905 and sadly closed in January 2016. Wonderful to have this as a memory of this college.

Traditional Music of the Māori - Historical Collection

Featuring on this CD is Mrs. Paeroa Wineera of Ngāti Toa and was the last exponent of her generation to play the Kōauau- a cross-blown flute - smaller than a pūtōrino, this instrument was traditionally made of wood, bone or a species of kelp.


The Rangatira Māori Opera Group consisting of  Mark Metakingi, Peter Kaiha, Don Selwyn, Bob Hirini, George henare, Joshua Gardiner and Tutu Kainamu. This group was regarded as one of the finest Māori choral groups.

Listen to them here singing ' Hei Aha Te Taku Umu ( Haere Mai' from this CD.

Also featured is the Turakina Girls College Choir,and the Ohinemutu Cultural Group.

Songs of New Zealand : The New Zealand Māori Chorale.

Featuring Featuring 'Haere Mai', Now is the Hour, Pokarekare

Includes Māori action songs, poi dances, love songs, canoe and fishing songs, stick game songs and traditional chants.  Orchestral arrangements by Brian Hands, choral arrangements by Paul Katene.








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