Bayanihan Philippine Dance Company - Vinyl Record VP443

Bayanihan Philippine Dance Company - Vinyl Record VP443

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Listen to ' Kalinga Wedding Dance' by Bahaihan Dance Company here on Youtube:

Celebrated  ' Bayanihan Philippine Dance Company'

Songs and Dances : The company takes it's name from the word ' bayani ' which means " group work " or work in aid of the bayanihan community.

The Bayanihan Philippine Dance Company is a project of the Bayanihan Folk Arts Association, a non-profit organization located at the Women's University in Manila which works to promote Philippine culture.

Started in 1959 the group was brought to United States opening at the Winter Garden Theater on Broadway in October 1959 and played for 3 weeks. They then toured 8 major American cities receiving critical rave reviews. They also performed in Mexico, London and Brussels and other cities.


1.a) Mattanim Ay Di Biro b) Aking Bituin c) Leron Leron Sinta

2. Gayong Gayong 3. Bagobo Festival Dance 4.Binasuan 5.Polka Sala 6. Kalinga Wedding Dance 7.Tinikling 8. Mazurka Boholana


1. Subli 2. Carinosa 3. Ifugao Festival Dance 4. Lubi Lubi 5. Sakuting 6. Sagayan 7. Pukol  8. Asik 9. a) Musikong Bumbong b) Leron Leron Sinta c) Condansoy d) Bakya Dance