Birds of NZ Combo: Birds of NZ CD and NZ Native Birds Colouring Book by J McMenamin.


'Birds of New Zealand' CD

Running Time: 51 mins
38 land and sea bird calls. This CD was recorded at outdoor locations, including the fabulous "Dawn Chorus" of the forest birds. The top selling bird call CD on the market.  A 12 page booklet is included with colour illustrations and ornithological details of many of the birds that are a perfect accompaniment to the NZ Native Birds Colouring Book. If you want help in correctly colouring the native birds this little booklet is a great reference!   It is compiled by Murdoch Riley.  As for the CD it demonstrates that New Zealand birds produce an amazing variety of songs and calls extending from the deep resonant booms of the kākāpō to the high pitched, nearly inaudible, calls of the rifleman at the upper end of human hearing.  It was recorded at outdoor locations and includes the fabulous "Dawn Chorus" of the forest birds. 

To complement this is the 'NZ Native Birds Colouring Book'

Joe McMenamin’s distinctive style uses detailed clean line patterns and silhouettes that enhance the beauty of our New Zealand Native Birds in his beautiful colouring book. This is the 2nd Edition.
His flowing organic patterns create an array of 25 most common New Zealand native birds that have detailed, double page drawings and descriptions for each bird.  Colour your way through those artistic masterpieces.  Joe is a painter and print maker and has a Visual Arts Degree and has been a practising artist since 2002. He is currently an Art teacher in Wellington.

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