Kiwi And Moa- Pocket Guide


By Murdoch Riley

(S071) ISBN 9780854671212
BOOK TYPE: Paperback (Staple bind)
DIMENSIONS: 110mm x 165mm

New Zealand's unique flightless birds. Because the descriptions of these two were so unusual, scientists who listened to the accounts of early travellers and examined the bones of the birds they brought back, found it hard to believe that either kiwi or moa were not figments of over-fertile imaginations.  Māori lore about the kiwi is given in this book, the sub-species are described, their nesting habits, where to see the bird, the use of its flesh for food, and use of its feathers for decoration, and in weaving.   Descriptions of the extinct moa, its habits, and Māori memories of it occupy the final ten pages.

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