Know Your New Zealand Birds -Pocket Guide (Staple bind)


By Murdoch Riley

(S068) ISBN 9780854670680
BOOK TYPE: Paperback (Staple bind)
DIMENSIONS: 110mm X 165mm

Our best selling booklet includes birds that have few or no relatives alive in the world today. In Māori eyes they are under the protection of Tāne - "Tāne mata nui" - "Tāne of the big eyes".  He can see all you do – for he is a god.  On Earth he sees through the eyes of the birds that he created, and they are his voice too:  "te waha o Tāne".  In this book are ornithological details and general observations on 70 of the most common land and sea birds.  Fine colour illustrations by Peter Scaife.  Postage-free delivery within New Zealand.

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