New Zealand Bird Song Clock - LIGHT WOOD FRAME
New Zealand Bird Song Clock - LIGHT WOOD FRAME
New Zealand Bird Song Clock - LIGHT WOOD FRAME
New Zealand Bird Song Clock - LIGHT WOOD FRAME

New Zealand Bird Song Clock - LIGHT WOOD FRAME

Viking Sevenseas NZ
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New modern design in light wood frame 

12 unique bird calls


Example of the Bellbird Call at 5.00pm

Listen to the songs of twelve different New Zealand native birds on the hour. The auto playback is off during the night. The clock has a mahogany coloured wood surround and is of strong, sturdy construction.

DIMENSIONS: 320mm x 320mm x 46mm depth

There is a two page information sheet on the birds and an instruction sheet for the clock's operation. The clock takes 3 x AA batteries, one for the clock, and two for the bird songs. A reset button allows setting correct bird songs to the hour. A great way to learn to recognise the various calls.



Operating Steps:

1) Set the correct time by turning the black wheel in the centre compartment in the back of the clock. Always set the time by turning the hands in a clockwise direction. Avoid moving the hands counter clockwise. Then insert 3 x AA batteries into the battery container in the back of the clock 

2) Refer to the list below and press the grey test/set button on the backside, corresponding with the time Press Button Corresponding Hours Name of Birds

One Time 6:00 Grey Warbler

Two Times 7:00 Tui

Three Times 8:00 Kiwi

Four Times 9:00 Morepork

Five Times 10:00 Stitchbird

Six Times 11:00 Red Billed Gull

Seven Times 12:00 Shining Cuckoo

Eight Times 1:00 Saddleback

Nine Times 2:00 Fantail

Ten Times 3:00 Kokako

Eleven Times 4:00 Robin

Twelve Times 5:00 Bellbird

3) It is possible to adjust the birdsong without removing the batteries, as follows:- a) Set the clock to the correct time. b) Use the grey test/set button on the back of the clock to advance the birdsong to the birdsong that corresponds to the current hour. E.g. if you have set the time on the clock to 11.15 am then press the test/set button until you hear the Red Billed Gull (which is the bird that should sing at 11.00 am)

Note: The birdsong only sounds when there is daylight or high artificial light bulbs. When you turn the lights out, the birdsong stops. You may have trouble setting the birdsong in a dark room (you may not hear anything when you press the grey button)